White foreign Boko Haram fighters killed in gun battle with Nigerian troops

White foreign Boko Haram fighters killed in gun battle with Nigerian troops

Nigerian troops on Monday apprehended and killed foreign nationals aiding the activities of Boko Haram in the West African region.

According to the military, the troops ambushed the foreign Boko Haram insurgents after receiving intelligence reports of their presence in Sambisa Forest, a military source told Peoples Gazette.

The foreign terrorist fighters were killed in a shootout with Nigerian soldiers.

While the origin of the killed insurgents remains unclear, the development, however, coincided with longstanding claims that foreigners, especially individuals from the Middle East, are fighting alongside the jihadists around the war-torn Lake Chad region.

The activity of Boko Haram in the West African region has continued to adversely affect the socio-economic growth of countries in the region, with investors relocating from terror torn states.

In Nigeria, the jihadist group has continued to heighten the security problems of the northern region, claiming responsibility for series of abductions and killings.

In April, The Gazette reported how Boko Haram insurgents took over Shiroro, displacing over 3,000 people.

Apart from occupying Shiroro, the insurgents also imposed VAT and income taxes on residents.

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Also, in April, about 65 communities in Niger reportedly signed a N20 million peace deal with Boko Haram terrorists to avoid attacks on their communities.

This followed President Muhammadu Buhari’s failure to guarantee the safety of lives and property in the state that had witnessed several violent attacks and kidnaps by Boko Haram.

Mr Buhari’s pledge to tackle the country’s security challenges has been severely questioned after he took sides with terror-linked communications minister Isa Pantami.

Mr Pantami faces an avalanche of criticisms amid calls for his resignation following The Gazette’s reports of his avowed support for terrorist groups like Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram.

However, Mr Buhari, who acknowledged that Mr Pantami supported terrorist organisations and incited the Muslim communities against Christians in the North through a declaration of jihad and fatwa, insisted that the “apology” of the minister was enough to heal the wounds and console the victims of his divisive past.

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