“We celebrate questionable wealth in Nigeria” — Noble Igwe

“We celebrate questionable wealth in Nigeria” — Noble Igwe

Nigerian blogger, Noble Igwe has wade-in on new trend of money ritual among the Nigerian youths.

Akewusolafblog has earlier, reported how three teenage boys were arrested while burning fresh human head for ritual.

Nigerian across all social media has since air their opinion on the new trend.


Igwe, who also took to his Twitter account tweet:

“People will post three skits in a year and then post a house they just bought, people will appear in two movies then post “new me , new house”.
Thing is , we celebrate all types of questionable wealth.”

The media personality also blamed the churches and others, for their role in the menace.

“The church will take donation from anyone with money,the village will crown anyone with money, no questions asked.
Families don’t ask their children how they make their money and some don’t care.
It’s the society that feeds this monster.”

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