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Twitter ban: Nigerians drags actor, Yemi Solade by his beards for insensitive comment

The most foolish statement’ Nigerians react to Actor Yemi Solade’s insensitive comment on the Twitter ban

Nollywood actor Yemi Solade has been dragged on social media over his comment on the Twitter ban for saying the microblogging platform insulted Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.

Last week, the Federal Government suspended the microblogging platform for allegedly allowing contents capable of threatening the corporate existence of Nigerians and deleting genocide tweet of the president.

However, many Nigerians have been accessing the platform through Virtual Private Network, and the government has vowed to prosecute those flouting the Twitter ban.

In an interview with Goldmyne TV, the veteran actor Yemi Solade applauded the Buhari led government for their decision adding that Twitter went too far by insulting the President and, by extension, Nigerians.

According to the actor, although the Twitter ban trampled on our fundamental human rights; however, Twitter was not helping the country as the Nigerian youths were always instigated negative comments on the government.

Reacting social media user slammed the actor for spitting insensitive comment, adding he’s not mature enough to see that the president went against the Twitter policy with his genocidal tweet.

estheraccy wrote: The most foolish statement of the day.

pyramidkomedy wrote: Which insult, the company has a policy, and ur so called president went against it, so with all due respect keep quiet sir.

topgistblog wrote: You sense, sense can never be common…. Spitting out rubbish.

torimedon wrote: All this ones na typical examples of maturity and sense is not by age o

shawnexiss wrote: Celebrity for mouth , nothing for brain.

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