The face behind Gistlover, Mary David Onaichenen uncovers

The face behind Gistlover, Mary David Onaichenen uncovers

The identity of the publisher of Instagram blog, Gistlover has been elusive and faceless to Nigerians as many are curious about the owner of the controversial blog.

However, veteran investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has revealed the name of the publisher of Gistlover as Mary David Onaichenen.

Mary David Onaichenen is alleged to be the owner of the controversial blog notorious for defamatory publication and controversial speculations about prominent Nigerians. The blog has become notable for publishing libelous content and has inadvertently evaded lawsuits owing to its acclaimed faceless status.

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However, Kemi Olunloyo claims that Mary David Onaichenen had been tracked by former Inspector General of Nigeria Police at which it was established that she was responsible for the controversial blog and its contents.

Kemi Olunloyo wrote: “Mary David Onaichenen of Gistlover has a poor command of English and runs Gistlover and the adverts. I broke this information two years ago after investigating the ad route McCoded blog. The former IGP Adamu reportedly used GPS technology to locate her as based in Abuja then she vanished underground. Her lawyer wrote me a cease and desist letter claiming I’m endangering her. I REFUSED to take my post down. Ultimately she wrote a post telling her followers that she’s not going to waste her time with a “mad” woman.

“If you like keep insisting a man owns Gistlover. This is the woman collecting all your advert money and the one who posted my address, phone number and my former apartment online. I’m surprised that she continues to fool you”.

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