“Some women are from devil”— Man shared the experience of his ‘finish’ friend

“Some women are from devil”— Man shared the experience of his ‘finish’ friend

Relationship this days comes with a touch of goodness and many ugly side, either from the women or the men.

And ofcourse, people in relationship differ from one person to another.

Just like the story you are about to read now, the worse of human are yet to be born.


Man narrated the ordeal his friend encounter from his so called girlfriend.

@DrWhales tweet: “Something crazy happened yesterday.
Some women are from the devil.

”Last week I started receiving disturbing, defamatory messages about one of my contacts, a friend actually. Of course from these popular Loan apps. I was so disturbed and had to call him to know what happened exactly. I was terribly disappointed cos I thought he was doing well..

”I spoke to him and he explained how he had to be sending allowances of 30k/month for his babe, make-outings, iphone 12 promax, N200k for Christmas gift. N200k birthday gifts. I requested that he sent his statement to me to prove it which he did.

Over the past 12 months, he had spend roughly N2m on this woman, while on a net salary of N2.4m.

This GF, on receiving messages and calls from the loan apps, broke up with him immediately and deleted all their lovey dovey Social Media pictures.

He’s now all alone trying to get his life back on track.

”In addition to his current financial crisis, the girl served him well prepared breakfast on top. Of course who wants to associate his/herself with a chronic debtor.

Long and short of my whole experience over the past week is;

– Make sure you’re the LOTL of the LOYL

– Being a quality man is more important than being “rich”

– Be in charge of your relationship

– If you have to borrow to fund your relationship then you don’t deserve that relationship obviously.

– Many women out there are leeches, scrutinize and pick a reasonable woman.”

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