Shatta Wale: “Fvck Nigerian artiste, I don’t need them to fill up my show” — Nigerian reacts

Shatta Wale: “Fvck Nigerian artiste, I don’t need them to fill up my show” — Nigerian reacts

Ghanaian artiste, Shatta Wale has ditch his Nigerian countered.

Shatta, after filling out the Ghanaian national stadium with 40,000 capacity said he doesn’t need a Nigerian artistes to fill up his show.


Meanwhile, Nigerian music lovers have took to social media to reacts.

@Omojuwa… “Shatta Wale is obsessed with Nigerian artists. That thing people become when they can’t beat you, they hate! You filled a stadium (don’t know price of tickets or the stad capacity) but at least enjoy your moment. Find fulfilment. You are doing ok too. They are just way bigger!”

@DaveRise4 said “Well he should continue… Nigerians don’t even know him self.. stonebwoy and sarkodie got Nigerians heart. He should continue making noise everyday. Na him Sabi.. Nigeria music has taken all over Africa and the world so why stress too much shatta?”

@itzbasito… “Shatta Wale needs to act like a grown man he is, slandering Nigerian artistes for doing better than him won’t place him above Ruger and the likes.
You can’t hate on people doing better than you, it’s self destructive.
Nigerian music literally dominates their chart ffs.”

@Irunnia_… “Shatta wale hosted a concert in Ghana. He couldn’t even fill the stadium half… He then started shouting “Fcuk Nigerian artistes”

And it was even a free show.”

@iamLaBii… “How could he not do that? He has to or else we won’t be talking about him again. Nigeria Artists are legit bigger than him A-Z.”

@Emeh_kah… “Not this guy again
This comrade no fit rest ni”

@ElijahMoyosore… “I never even hear this shatta wale song before”

@Thefrogkiller… “Shatta wale said “Fvck Nigerians”

Hate and Jealousy wouldn’t k!ll this dirty igbo smoker”

@Therealjacinta3… “Shatta wale is already shouting “Fcuk Nigerian artistes” they made you ! you need to learn how to be humble.”

@Sark_Lawyer… “Shatta Wale said f**ck Nigerians anf Nigerian media is saying it’s not their fault that Shatta Wale is still a local artist so he should stop backing like a dog and learn from Stonebwoy and Sarkodie.”

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