Senate President Meets With IBB, Abdulsalami In Minna

Ahmad Lawan

Senate President Ahmed Lawan on Wednesday held a closed-door meeting with former Military Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) when he visited him at his hilltop residence in Minna.

Details of the meeting which lasted about 30 minutes were not made known to journalists but feelers had it that the meeting with IBB may not be unconnected with socio-political developments in the country and the worsenning security situation and efforts being made to end the trend.

The Senate President also visited the former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar who challenged the federal government on the need to forget infrastructural development for now and divert all necessary fundings Nigeria’s security forces to ensure peace in Nigeria.


Abubarkar expressed concerns about the deteriorating security situation pointing out that, if there is no peace, there cannot be a country hence the need for all tiers of government to focus on how to end insecurity.

“My suggestion is that due to the overstretching of our security forces, I think, all the necessary fundings should be directed to the security forces. I suggest that we look at the unnecessary developmental issues and do the needful to make life bearable for common Nigerians”.

The former President said, “Let us face this insecurity thing for now by diverting all the necessary fundings to first secure peace for Nigeri and her citizenry. If there is no peace, if there is no security there will be no country”.

While also praying that those making life difficult for Nigerians will look at reasons why they need to have a re-think and give peace a chance, the former President encjoined Nigerians to still keep hope alive that things will get better.

He however said, “Nigeria as a whole are good people, they don’t ask for much but there are few irresponsible ones making life very difficult and I hope the good Lord will guide them to see reasons to have a change of heart and give peace a chance”.

The Senate President, Senator Ahmed Lawan in response appreciated the advice of former President Abdulsalami Abubarkar saying that the courage, resolve and the determination of Nigerians would help the country to surmount its current challenges.

According to the Senate President, “Every single hand is needed on deck today. As leaders, elected or appointed, we have responsibilities and obligation to the citizens. We need the support of the citizens as well to solve the numerous problems that Nigeria faces today”.

“The challenges are numerous and profound. But courage, resolve and determination of Nigerians would see us through because we are determined to surmount these problems and challenges”, the Senate President said.

Majority of Nigerians still want Nigeria to remain a single indivisible entity, the Senate President pointed out adding however that those calling for disintegration of the country should be properly guided on possible negative consequences.

“There are so many issues, some people are agitating for segregation of the country but I believe that majority of Nigerians want Nigeria to remain a single country. And those who are on the sidelines, who are agitating should be guided properly, let them see the reasons why we should continue to be together”.

The Senate President, Ahmed Lawal also visited Senator Sani Musa, representing Niger-East Senatorial district to commiserate with him over the death of his father and also visited the Emir of Minna, Alhaji Farouk Bahago for same condolence visit.

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