See why “ordinary 10k” trend on Twitter

See why “ordinary 10k” trend on Twitter

Twitter is a platform were so many things happen every seconds of the day.

The hottest news, gist and happening made it to the Twitter trend table on a daily.

At times, Twitter users can’t fantom while some of the topic made it to the top trends.


That’s why this publication deem it necessary to brings some hottest trends to you.

As such, “Ordinary 10k” is one of the top trend on Twitter NG on Saturday.

See while it trend below…

Below is what Nigerians are saying concerning the topic, “Ordinary 10k

@DanielRegha… “Ordinary 10k” but u can’t afford such amount without belittling urself disgracefully? What a silly talk. N10k is no doubt kinda worthless in Nigeria today due to naira’s devaluation but it’s far from ordinary. It’s funny how people who don’t legit hustle be acting proud; Cl¤wns.

@jayythedope… “Ordinary 10k you don’t have”

that’s the same 10k you begging for just because you don’t have it too, if it’s ordinary, why don’t you have it? it’s the way these broke girls try to broke shame men when they don’t give them money for me tho. Parasitic entitled lots.

@Wizarab10… “Lack of value for money is what would make you call 10k ordinary – 10k you don’t have. Do you know how shameful it is to call something you can’t afford, small and go ahead to broke shame and attack someone you are begging, for not giving it to you?

Shame is a virtue.”

@A_blackwoman… “Just Ordinary 10k that you cannot afford, what is wrong with some ladies and their brains? How is what you don’t even have ordinary? Nigerian men need to do better with the kinda women they give their contact number let alone attention.”

@PabloHoggs… “That ordinary 10k you people see as nothing is what I gave a couple when they gave birth at general hospital, till now, they still thank me as if I did something huge.

Na Yahoo and Ashawo make 10k be ordinary.”

@mister_ade5… “Ordinary 10k? If i see 500naira like this i go pray for your generation.”

@iam_doctormayor… “Although everybody reality is different, so some people 10k can be ordinary while that ordinary 10k means something big to some guys.
The sense of entitlement from some ladies these days is very alarming and annoying. In this Nigeria today we are all trying to survive and things Are hard. I believe if some ladies are working they will know how to be demanding impromptu from a guy and the belief of guys normally have money doesn’t apply to every guys.

Before you say “ordinary 10k” plz from your salary or business money remove 10k and see the impact.”

@Sirdavidbent… “I would say that Nigerian men who cannot control their sexual urges are the reason why these women developed a sense of entitlement.

Do you know how much a fuel attendant would work to earn that ordinary 10k? But they won’t know this, because you give them thousands for sex.”

@Sunday_Akinjide… “since the fuel price has increased, it’s fair for them also to move from urgent 2k to ordinary 10k, huh.”

@baddest_cash… “How can you say Ordinary 10k, the same money you don’t have
that’s the same 10k you begging for, if it’s ordinary, why don’t you have it? it’s the way these broke girls try to broke shame men when they don’t give them money for me. Some ladies really deserve less!”

@mohsalisu_m… “How did this amount turn ordinary 10k?
Sha my own no be ordinary 10k o! Ehmm.”

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