Report: Nigeria Embassy in Rome; Where you bribe officials to renew your passports!

Report: Nigeria Embassy in Rome; Where you bribe officials to renew your passports!

When we Nigerians enjoy the dividend of citizenship, home and abroad? That’s the question on my mind as I published this report.

A Nigerian in Rome as took to Twitter to narrates the passports racketeering in the Nigeria Embassy in Rome.


According to the thread taggedNIGERIA EMBASSY ROME” it bring shame and sadness as same scenario is allegedly playing out in Ikoyi passports office in Lagos.

The tweet read;

“The embassy of Nigeria in Rome is a big shame to Nigerians. Everyone need to know what these stupid people do. After writing this they may never renew my Nigeria passport anymore. I don’t even care if they do, but they need to stop extorting Nigerians.

“My wife needed to renew her Nigerian passport, I paid for 64 pages booklet. I did this because most times if you pay for 32 pages booklet, they will come up with stories like booklet is not available. And use it to delay your passport. The 64 pages cost more than 32 pages.

“Then I went to the embassy website to book the appointment date. There was no appointment. In fact take a look at the screen recorded video. You will notice that there is no appointment now till January 2024. I decided to stop there. There is no appointment even till 2080.

“The wonderful thing is that the embassy keeps issuing passports without appointments. The reason will shock you.

“To be able to renew your passport you will have to pay an unofficial amount of money. The amount varies from the person helping you to do it.

“In my wife case we paid €200 more to someone there to help us renew the passport. This is just to bribe them to do the passport. Even after paying them $137 they were not satisfied. They still wanted me to bribe them to release the passport.

“Upon entering the embassy, her cellphone was collected from her. She was obligated to submit her cellphone before entering the embassy.

“What could they be scared of?Someone might video their corrupt activities and leak it? She gave them her cellphone and entered inside.

“One oyinbo came inside the embassy and they didn’t seize her cellphone. My wife saw her flaunting her cellphone inside the embassy. Now why didn’t they do the same to her? Maybe they are scared she might report them to the Italian police.

“And if the Italian police get involved, their intelligence might leak everything. It might complicate the Chancery. Even the way they talk and embarrass citizens is very bad. My wife told me about someone who had difficulty speaking English. Instead of them to help, he was mocked

“Many Nigerians have no jobs and may not be able to afford it. We can’t allow this nonsense. If you don’t pay them you won’t get scanned and won’t get your passport.”

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