Ramadan: The Benefits Of Fasting (Sawm)

Ramadan: The Benefits Of Fasting (Sawm)

FASTING (SAWM) – Is the third pillar of Islam. It is total abstinence from eating, drinking, sexual intercourse and other immoral acts from dawn (fake) till sunset.

All parts of the body are expected to involve in this virtuous acts.

According to Qur’an 2:183, “O ye who believe! Observing As-Sawm (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious ones).


  • It increases the piety of one who onserves it
  • It is a protection against the hand work of devil
  • It teaches equality among mankind
  • It encourages kindness among the Muslims
  • It reduces crime rates among the community
  • It is a means of gaining entrance into paradise

However, there are two types of fasting: Namely; Compulsory and Voluntary fasting.

The Compulsory fasting is indeed, Ramadan fasting, according to Qur’an 2:185, where Allah (SWT) says: “The month of Ramadan that Allah revealed the holy Qur’an.

The voluntary fasting are:

  • Fasting on the day of Arafat for those that are not on pilgims.
  • Six days of fasting in the month of Sha’waal.
  • Fasting on the 9th and 10th day of the month of Muharram.
  • The first half of the month of Sha’baan.
  • Fasting on the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah.
  • Fasting in the month of Muharram.
  • Fasting on the 13th, 14th and 15th days of lunar months.
  • Fasting on Thursdays and Mondays.
  • Fasting for a day and rest for another day.

Days That A Muslim Should Not Fast

The two eid-days i.e Eid-l-Fitr and Eid-l-Adha.


  • Infusion of anything into the holes like nose, eyes, ears and anus.
  • If anything is injected into the oesophagus for example diffusion of water during the ablution in the oesophagus.
  • Emission of semen.
  • Intentional vomiting.
  • Intentional eating or drinking and sexual intercourse.
  • Ieats and he thought that there is darkness but later realized that there is light (day)
  • He who eats and drinks unintentional, then he failed to continue his/her fasting thinking that to continue the fast isn’t compulsory.
  • Filling of the stomach without real food or drink (i.e Intra-vainous fluid).
  • Refutation of Islam. If somebody disbelieve in Kalimatu shahaadah, his/her fasting is void.

What a Muslim should say before breaking his/her fasting:

Allahumo laka sumtu, wa’alaa rizqika aftartu, innaka anta semihun alim.

“O Lord, I fast for you and I break my fast in your sustenance, indeed, you’re all hearing, all knowing…. Amin

Ramadan Kareem !!!

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