Pooja: Photo journalist under fires for his ‘back-handed compliments’ about veteran actress, Sola Sobowale

Pooja: Photo journalist under fires for his ‘back-handed compliments’ about veteran actress, Sola Sobowale

Photo Journalist and Sports writer, Sulaiman Pooja has come under fires for his ‘back-handed compliments’ about veteran Nollywood actress, Sola Sobowale on Twitter.

Although, the tweet seemed like an harmless tweet and an intent to appreciate the veteran actress’s talent, consistency and relationship with film producer, Kemi Adetiba.

However, his use of word didn’t go down well with the fans of the legendary actress.


Pooja wrote “Sola Sobowale came from the dust to act King of Boys & since then, the relationship with Kemi Adetiiba has been deep.

For her (at her age) to honour bridal shower that Snapchat babes take for granted, she’s truly the mummy of Nollywood.

Oh Mummy Sola, hug me ❤️”

Irked, the fans of Sola Sobowale troops to his tweet to attack the tweep.

See reactions from Sola Sobowale fans below:

larmmy… “This is what happens when teenagers already have bear bear..coz what is this tweet?”

Borie_nla… “This an extremely ignorant take , you have absolutely no idea the relationship between them, its also silly to assume that Sola Sobowale came from Dust , when she did Wedding Party that Kemi directed . You’re a very stupid idiot . Super Story, Diamond rain , are you mad ?”

_communicator… “Toyin Tomato of Super Story ?
Sola Sobowale of ‘The Wedding Party’ ?
Sola Sobowale of Yoruba Nollywood ?

…..but, Pooja decided to put Mama in the same sentence with dust… You don buy market today colleague 😂😆”

ProjectStev… “Take a seat, I need to give you some history schooling.

A whole Toyin Tomato with Suara in Super story came from dust? This disrespect on Sola Sobowale is criminal and deserves flogging and jail time.”

Onyeka_pete… “Sola Sobowale and dust..HOW
Toyin tomatoe
You people know how to say rubbish on this app sha 😂”

Adeola… „Which dust ? A whole Toyin Tomatoes. You for like stick to football related issues o”

Ugo… “Obviously , this person did not watch the very first Super Story. Where do you think she got the name Toyin Tomato.”

DrOlufunmilayo… “Sola Sobowale and dust in the same sentence?

Definitely not the Sola Sobowale that already conquered yoruba nollywood.

Definitely not the Sola Sobowale of Toyin Tomato fame from Super Story series.

And definitely not the Sola Sobowale who just killed Wedding Party before KOB.”

Onyemaechi… “Sola Sobowale from dust? A whole Toyin Tomato! That ran Nollywood from the beginning of time? Lmao 😂 this must be a joke.”

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