Open University: Over 1,000 students signed petition for TMA extension

Open University: Over 1,000 students signed petition for TMA extension

More than 1,000 students of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) have signed a petition for Tutor Mark Assignment (TMA).

Akewusolafblog learnt the petition was initiated by “NOUN update” on

The petitioner cited poor server that prompt the student to stay awake in order to fully participated in the TMA but prove abortive.


“Enough is enough with the epileptic website server that makes students to stay awake all night to take their TMAs and at end, end up not submitting anything.

“Enough is enough with the management taking decisions without the best interest of her students at heart. NOUN is tagged “work and learn” how on earth will we be able to work and learn if TMA2&3 is fixed at the same time with the exam and NOUN management won’t expect this to affect her working students.

“To make this worst, a time frame of 14 days was slated for the TMAs to be taken amidst the exam and all students are expected to finish up at this set days. Is this not pure wickedness?

“You have forgotten the institution is made up of people from different class and caste of life and not all have the luxury of spending much time on the site especially when exam is ongoing.

“NOUN has forgotten to put the interest of her students to heart and making the institution no longer flexible as promised. And this in itself is barbaric and uncalled for.

“The institution makes millions if not billions from students monthly and yet failed to create a dedicated server that is hitch and glitch free.

“All we want is a dedicated website server that will allow all her students to access the portal at once without stress and also an extension on the Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA).”

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