Nigeria’s football needs to sort issues around domestic league – Amokachi

Nigeria’s football needs to sort issues around domestic league – Amokachi

Nigeria legend Daniel Amokachi has said Nigeria’s football need to sort all issues surrounding the domestic league.

Amokachi, a product of the domestic league, having play for Ranchers Bess before proceeding to the Europe.

The 1994 AFCON and 1996 Olympics gold winner lament that the fundamental issues with the Nigeria football need to be tackle before the country get back to the glory day.


“Focusing too much on the coaching is like building a house from the roof downwards instead of starting with the right foundation and build upwards,” Amokachi told PUNCH Sports Extra

“Do we have a solid developmental programme for our young footballers, a proper long-term plan for our national teams or develop a football identity for the game in our country?

“I am a product of the Nigerian league. But have we sorted all the issues around our domestic game, from players welfare to the lack of television rights and the chaos around the organisation of local football?

“There are bigger issues that have long bedevilled the Nigerian game and until we fix them, we will just be moving in a circle.”

“A Nigerian or foreigner as the next coach is their (NFF’s) decision to make. But let’s not deviate by looking at a coaching solution from our bigger issues. We always react when we fail to qualify or perform at major tournaments because shortcuts will not get you results.

“Let’s sort all the fundamental issues of administrative problems – lack of planning and structure.’’

, our troubled domestic league, absence of a developmental youth programme and retrain our youth coaches with modern methods – then we can start reaping the rewards.

“Anything away from tackling these problems and we will definitely return here to complain again next year.”

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