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Nigerian woman kills in Italy after breaking up with a jealous Ghanaian

Nigerian woman killed in Italy after breaking up with jealous ex-lover. (Fairobserver)

Police operatives in Italy have arrested a 34-year-old Ghanaian, GK for allegedly killing a Nigerian woman after she broke up with him.

GK was reported to have strangled Blessing, his former lover to death.

According to Italy24News, Blessing, was reported missing on May 5 and was found dead on May 12, by the roadside in the Milanese district of Mazzo di Rho, where she worked as a sex worker.


The Italian news platform reported that Blessing broke up with GK in April after a romantic relationship that was riddled with domestic violence.

After their breakup, GK was said to have tried to reconcile with the deceased but she refused to go back into an abusive relationship with the 34-year-old Ghanaian.

According to the report, GK later killed the 25-yr-old lady and ran off with her money and phones.

An autopsy report indicated that Blessing might have died of asphyxiation — strangled by the long braids of the wig she wore.

GK was arrested by the carabinieri of the homicide team of the investigative unit in Moscova with the help of a CCTV camera that showed him trying to dump the lady’s corpse.

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