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Nigerian On Twitter Shares Life Experiences #At23

Nigerian On Twitter Shares Life Experiences #At23
Image use to illustrate the story. (Credit: @MobilePunch on Twitter)

The hashtag #At23 has been trending on Twitter with over one million tweets showing Nigerians talking about their experiences when they were aged 23.

While some tweeps shared their achievements at the age of 23, others used it as an opportunity to advise fellow Twitter users not to compare their journeys with others and trust their growth process.

Below are some of the top tweets;

@akeula_trendy said, “At 23 (barely 2 years ago), I had just completed the servicing of the loan that I got from a Good Samaritan to kickstart my fashion business at a large scale in Festac and had 4 tailors working under me and collecting decent salaries, I’ve been sending my designs abroad since then.”

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A medical doctor, @docneto tweeted, “At 23, I was finishing up medical school. After intern year, I went on to become a medical resident. One of my interns, later on, was in his 60s and old enough to be my grandpa. He went to med school at aged 57. The only race in life is against you.”

Popular Twitter user, @OgbeniDipo tweeted, “At 23 I graduated from University with a degree in Accounting. I had a clue about what I wanted to do with my life but nothing was certain. I wasn’t confused but I didn’t have any serious plans, strategy, or answers for the future. 2 years later at 25, things were much clearer.”

Another Twitter influencer, @deejayfaremi wrote, “If you are over 23, what you did or what you were at 23 is of little/no relevance. Focus on the future, it’s full of possibilities. Whatever you do, just keep going. Keep trying to be your best version. The future holds so many possibilities and the past can’t be changed.”

“Our society’s obsession with achievement before a certain age is toxic and unhealthy, you made it at 23 doesn’t mean everyone should too, let people move at their own pace,” @_ManLikeAJ wrote.

Also, @iAm_MEdAL tweeted, “At 23, I was writing my final year project while also thinking about the future. 25 now, done with NYSC and can’t figure out anything.”

Where were you At 23? Shared your experiences with us!!!!

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