Nigerian mourns Dr Chinelo who was killed during attack on Abuja-Kaduna train

Nigerian mourns Dr Chinelo who was killed during attack on Abuja-Kaduna train

Nigerians have mourns the sudden death of Dr Chinelo Nwando Megafu who was killed during bandits attack on Abuja-Kaduna train yesterday.

According to multiple report, bandits bomb and ambushed a Abuja-Kaduna train with 970 passengers onboard.

Late Chinelo, who had put out a tweet at around 9:41pm on Monday, saying she was in the train and had been shot, urge Nigerians to pray for her.


Late Chinelo’s tweet on Monday, March 28th. Credit: Twitter.

Unfortunately, she didn’t make it out alive.

Nigerian mourns Dr Chinelo in Twitter………

@Staphadamu… “Dr Chinelo was making an honest living, she was working at St Gerald’s hospital in Kaduna, she wanted more for herself and processed her papers to leave this hell-hole. She resigned last month to leave the country this Friday then this happened. Nigeria why???”

@mrmacaronii… “Those same set of people that attacked the late Chinelo are the same set that attacked and trolled me when the police brutalized me. These are sycophants who are loyal only to their political gods. They care not for this country and have no conscience whatsoever left in them.”

@Akewusolaf… “May the soul of Dr Chinelo rest in peace.”

@aproko_doctor… “Just learnt that Dr Chinelo didn’t make it. This is heartbreaking on so many levels.”

@PreciousSegun… “Rest in Peace, Chinelo. Nigeria happened to you!”

@OgbeniDipo… “May the soul of Dr Chinelo rest in peace. May God console her family and friends. May everyone who mocked her, played politics with her death or falsely accuse other people of vileness over this issue be eternally disgraced.”

@90sSophie… “Medical Doctor Chinelo Megafu. May her soul rest in peace. Condolence to her love ones.”

May her soul rest in peace!

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