My landlord’ son hacks my phone, Facebook, business page, Lady cries out

My landlord’ son hacks my phone, Facebook, business page, Lady cries out

A lady, Olayinka Hannah has cried out for help after her landlord’s son hacked into her phone, business page and Facebook account.

According to Hannah, who seeks for help on Twitter on Friday, stated that her “privacy has been breached and her “life is in danger ”

Her tweet reads;


“Please my privacy has been breached and my life is in danger.
Help me RT this as much as you can, I don’t feel safe in my house anymore.

This morning I went to collect my phone from my landlord’s apartment as I’ve been charging there.

“Since February I left my 9-5 job, I put on my phone after collecting it from one of my landlord’s daughters this morning and I tried logging into my Facebook then I realised that I was logged out. I tried logging in but Facebook kept telling me there’s no account connected to my number or email, I went straight to my Gmail and I notice this, I got 3 emails from google to 3 of my mails

One is connected to my Facebook, the second to my business page, the third is my official email

The second image is the content of the message:

“Immediately I saw it, I knew someone has successfully hacked my account, but I was wondering how?? I stay alone, I don’t have visitors, and the only place I leave my phone for hours is my landlord’s house when I’m charging

My mind said I should ask one of his boys.

His name is precious and the reason I have his number is that I call him whenever I want to charge my phone because my landlord occupies the top floor. This was his response, he was wondering how he could have done that, I told him to help me tell him to release my account .

“Here’s a recording of his response, he said I snubbed him the day he asked that he wanted to talk to him.

Here’s what happened on that day he said I snub him

It was 7 pm and I was seated outside my apartment, he and the other guys were washing my landlord’s car…

“He walks up to me where I was seated and said he is bored and just need someone he could talk to

I told him I won’t be able to do that as I was busy working on my phone.

He asked if I was a blogger, I said NO but I’m a writer and he left.

I didn’t know he was angry about that incidence. This guy has been tapping into my phone, and my WhatsApp and proceeded to hack my Facebook account this morning.

I have retrieved it back after I reported to my landlord but I don’t feel safe

This guy can go any length, he could be reading this right now

“I don’t feel safe, I’m scared, I can’t think straight since morning

I need him to be arrested, write a statement and remove whatever bug he has put in my phone

Help me tag who you can.

Please help me, I don’t feel safe

I’m just a young girl, working remotely.”

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