Moe is too loud for a publicly declared thief – Danny alleged

Moe is too loud for a publicly declared thief – Danny alleged

Popular Twitter influencer, Danny Water has described one of the lawyers that stood for Nigerian youths during the #EndSARS protests, Modupe also known as MoeChievious on twitter as ‘too loud for a publicly declared Thief’

This is coming after another Twitter user with the username @Egi_nupe_ tweeted to counter Moe‘s claim that the legal aid provided by the feminists coven during the #EndSARS protests were free.

The user did pointed out that the sum of #13m were step aside for the legal aid, pending the determinants structure for each lawyer.


He wrote;

“I tweeted that @Mochievous was paid in millions for the Legal services rendered during the #EndSARS & she’s threatened me to retract that statement, which I’ve refused to. I’m waiting for her next line of action on this. I believe this will unravel the “misteries” over the funds.

“It’s on record that @feminist_co released a financial statement in March 2021 stating that ₦13,534,787.30 was “outstanding” for lawyers that rendered legal services during #EndSARS & @Mochievous was undeniably among them. An amount is “oustanding” when a “debt” is owed.

“The reason it hasn’t been paid wasn’t cos it wasn’t owed or due but cos the lawyers instructed @feminist_co to hold onto the money till they finalize their structure. During the protest, we were made to understand that all legal services rendered were free.

“So how come the amount was oustanding? Was it professional fees or out of pocket expenses? Either ways, it negates the impression that legal services rendered were free. So I don’t understand why @Mochievous is claiming she regretted providing legal aid as if she worked for free.

“It’s for @feminist_co to tell us their statement was either false or @Mochievous lying to have provided free legal services when the sum of ₦13,534,787.30 was oustanding as at March, 2021. Has it been paid or not? Has the structure been finalized or still oustanding?

“I am not afraid to defend any legal action brought against me for this open challenge on @feminist_co and @Mochievous over this matter upto the apex court in Nigeria. If not for any reason but for the fact that I risked my life during the #EndSARS protest like other protesters.”

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