Mo Salah to remain in the EPL even if he leaves Liverpool

Mo Salah to remain in the EPL even if he leaves Liverpool

Mohamed Salah is clear that if he does not reach an agreement to renew with Liverpool, his priority is to stay in the Premier League. According to ‘The Athletic’, he will prioritise offers he can receive from other English clubs.

Salah’s contract at Liverpool runs until 2023. At the moment, there is no news on what he will do beyond that date.

‘The Athletic’ says that Salah’s plan is to stay at Anfield next season. He is thinking of fulfiling his conract independently of whether he renews at Liverpool or not.


The new contract right now has stalled completely. The previously cited source said that the last face to face meeting they had was back in December 2021. Six months have passed since then.

According to ‘The Athletic’, back then there was quite a difference in opinion. Since December, emails have been exchanged, but not a proper conversation on his new contract.

The newspaper adds that Salah has asked for a pay rise of 15%. The Egyptian believes that is what he deserves as he is among the best players at the moment.

The length of his contract, ‘The Athletic’ says, is not Salah’s problem. Despite the fact he would like to sign a long contract, he is willing to do so only for two years if he likes the rest of the terms. The ball is in Liverpool’s court.

The Reds have to be alert though. Salah has already thought what to do if he does not renew. The attacker’s priority is to stay in the Premier League before trying in a new competition.

Man City, Man Utd, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal take good note of it. If he does not sign a nrw contract, he will leave for free and become the bargain of the summer.

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