“Men, marry women that genuinely love you, Lawyer warns

“Men, marry women that genuinely love you, Lawyer warns

A Nigerian lawyer has warned all men to marry a woman that did love them genuinely.

It is mostly for people in a relationship to love themselves genuinely.

However, the rate of divorce being recorded in this era call for cautioned, most especially, the mens.


The lawyer, @Joshomaiye wrote on Twitter: “Men, please marry women that genuinely love you.

“I know it is some accomplishment to make money and jack up your ego towards certain types of women, but please, for all your suffering and hard work, for all the responsibility you would bear, marry that one that truly loves you.

“The one that would actively make your burden light. You can’t marry anyone for “presence.

“You deserve to be loved properly… to be taken care of. You deserve plenty of attention and you deserve someone that thinks highly of you as she does of herself.

“You deserve ease.”

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