Lady narrates weird moment that made her delete her crush’s contact

Lady narrates weird moment that made her delete her crush’s contact

Weird things do happen in a relationship. Most especially, the ones that have to do with boyfriend and girlfriend or between a man and a woman.

Such is the story that one Twitter user shared on her Twitter page.

Ordinarily, one wouldn’t have imagine that such things could happen in a thousand years from now but here we are.


According tiwatopebalogun, she deleted a man’s number just because she couldn’t bear the thought of not being in a relationship with the man

Read her story below:

“I deleted someone’s number because I actually can’t bear the thought of us not being together and seeing him happy without me. I actually added back the number this night and the first thing that came up on his status was his girlfriend’s picture.”

“I deleted the contact immediately but I still can’t unsee it, it’s stuck in my head now.
The actual reason I’m beating up myself right now is because that should be the least i should be bothered about but I can’t get over it even when I thought I had.”

“I’m trying hard not to start crying . I thought I’ve gotten over it. Now, I’m fighting back the tears. I can’t help it. Like broooo, I can’t seem to get over my feelings for this guy. And the more I try to settle for less, the hurter I get. Pride seems to be lost.”

“Do you know how many times I’ve blocked to unblock? How many times I’ll apologize for not texting him even when he didn’t text me too? How many times I’ve compromised my safety just to go see him? How many times I’ve tried to be at his Beck and call just so he can have my time?”

“Before you call me stupid,you think I don’t want to be happy too?. Nobody understands how I really feel honestly and the more I keep talking about this issue, the more I feel like I’m the problem here and I’m just being stupid. I wish I could help myself but I can’t. I’m drained.”

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