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“Is he the one that made you incompetent”?; APC women leader, Jumoke Okoya-Thomas drags over interview on Arise TV

“Is he the one that made you incompetent”?; APC women leader, Jumoke Okoya-Thomas drags over interview on Arise TV

The Lagos State All Progressives Congress (APC) women leader, Mrs. Jumoke Okoya-Thomas has come under heavy criticism on Twitter over her interview on Arise TV on Wednesday.

According to the video of the interview currently circulating on the internet, Mrs Okoya-Thomas was asked to explain the rate of mortality in Nigeria.

“Like Biden in America, Asiwaju Will Transform Nigeria’s Economy – Jumoke Okoya-Thomas”

“APC Woman Leader, Lagos State, Jumoke Okoya-Thomas says the US President, Biden epitomizes the fact that age or physical state of the body is secondary as compared to the intellect of a leader” Mrs Okoya-Thomas response was posted in a tweet by Arise TV.

However, Her response does not go down well with Nigerians which many have been reacting to.

Read reactions below:

@Okekearu_obinna: “Watching Jumoke Okoya-Thomas today on the Arise tv shows clearly how women play their own politics, too much emotions. She can’t hide the frustrations they’re getting from the obidients. Her neck was further pressed harder by Rufai. Emotion is good, mostly when it drives the passion for doing good or getting the best results. There’s nothing misogynistic or gender favouritism in my tweet, just that women are always very soft and emotional when reacting to issues. Women are also good leaders.”

@Spotlight_abby: “This interview with Jumoke Okoya-Thomas has turned to a circus. Madam unintentionally divulged, “even little me, when I’m not well, I run out of the country.” Dr. Abati: are you confirming that Asiwaju is not well? Madam starts clapping & dancing on her seat!☺ CollectYourPVC”

@Isidore0001: “Jumoke Okoya-Thomas is on @ARISEtv quarreling with herself, not answering questions thrown at her & fighting war with structureless Obidients. So much emotions, no single substance or intelligence. A 3 time house of Rep member n APC woman leader says she is not a politician😂”

@tochy_udunwa: “1. Dear Jumoke Okoya- Thomas,It’s a shame that you have sold your soul for temporary pleasure not caring about women and maternal health as you claim you do. I am beyond shocked that a woman and a mother would be as insensitive as you on National TV.

@Emmy_wise10: “Jumoke Okoya Thomas carry her question and answer come that arise tv…nothing concern her if it’s in line with what Rufia and Ruben are asking her…. you built hospital and you don’t know the name.”

@Jchikaodinaka: “Please can someone make sense out of Mrs. Jumoke Okoya Thomas response to Rufai’s question on maternal mortality rate in Nigeria. This woman is just so d…b”

@FemiDinning: “You people should come and carry your Mummy Jumoke Okoya-thomas. Her surname didn’t deserve all that embarrassment oh. You people will just embarrass yourselves on national TV unprovoked. You will start taking out your bitterness on Rufai.
Is he d one that made u incompetent?”

@OluwaseunGarub1: “Mrs Jumoke Okoya Thomas just said on Arise TV that her Principal Candidate is in UK holding a meeting, Mr Rufai please press her neck for me. Madam Jumoke, Mrs Joke and Omoji has one vote, this your nasty demeanor on TV is awful to watch. You have lied and called us names yet you claim we are ill mannered, okay oh.”

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