Internet users shares their opinion as “At 22” trend on Twitter

Internet users shares their opinion as “At 22” trend on Twitter

At 22 is currently trending on Twitter as netizens shared their experienced at the age bracket.

It all started when another Twitter user opined that a 22-yeat-old shouldn’t have a responsibilities to attend to.

According to @docneto, A 22-year individual have good health, near-zero responsibilities.

Below are what netizens are saying on the topic online…

@trending_chic says: Work 15 hrs a day at 22 🤝 I used to do 30 days full call duty in Neurosurgery in my day so you must work till you die.

Some people pick up health challenges during this early age cos society overburdens them with expectations. When you talk to under 23 folks now it’s different. “I want to have my own money” “I want to be independent”. Bro, at your age I just wanted to pass my exams and take my babe to the school cafeteria.

You still have a full life ahead of you to make money. Go and play outside 👍🏾Not saying you can’t hustle yourself to the ground if that’s what you want, but let it be what you genuinely want, not because someone sat down in their house to calculate how many hours of the day you must work to be successful.”

@Prideofapeacock: “At 22, I was running a small makeup business that started even before i turned 20! I just didn’t want to “bother” my dad who was already sacrificing so much to see me through a private uni. Yes,responsibility comes with age bt realities differ. Don’t invalidate anyone’s struggle.”

@CobhamsOyibo: “At 22, i had already worked for six years, at 22 i was also tired cos of how early i had to start struggling.
At 22, i was missing lectures, because i had to work & school at the same time.

Father Abraham, please When a 22 year old, says they’re tired, help them, not bully them”

@chineecherem_: “I find this alil bit deregatory. We all get the concept of working hard in your Youth. But There are lots of people who At 22, have taken responsibilities of a 40year old in their family. It’s okay to rest At 22. Absolutely nothing wrong with a person wanting to take a break.”

@sasordom: “Lmao at 22 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure from too much work, I will close work by 5, go to my evening programming classes by 6 to 8, get home by 10, do my assignments and unfinished work, sleep by 12, wake up by 4:30, rinse and repeat, you have no idea abt 22 years old”

@ui_student: “At 22, I’m yet to figure life out… it’s not a crime and I’m not late yet!”

Share your experience at 22!

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