Ike Ekweremadu: The Great Oracle’s view

Ike Ekweremadu: The Great Oracle’s view

The Ekweremadus were yesterday charged with conspiracy to “arrange/facilitate travel of another person with a view to exploitation, namely organ harvesting” and remanded in custody.

A lot has sauntered into the social media space. But, have the Ekweremadus exploited David to make their actions criminal?

A recourse has to be made to Section 1(d) of the UK Human Tissue Act, 2004, which makes organ donation lawful.

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Did the Ekweremadus arrange and facilitate organ donation in an exploitative way?
Answers will depend on the facts of the case.

Here’s what we know on arrangement and facilitation:

  1. Ekweremadu wrote the British High Commission on 28 December 2021 and made his intention known to the Authorities.
    Did he arrange and facilitate organ donation? Yes. Is it unlawful? No. If it was, visa wouldn’t been granted
  2. Did he exploit him? The answer will depend on the facts, which we don’t know.
    Exploitation may be established through any of these: that money exchanged hands or David wasn’t aware of the purpose of his trip to London. Or they began using him outside the purpose of his trip.

Ekweremadu’s letter to the High Commission was explicitly. It is impossible that he was asked the purpose of his trip during the visa interview.
The case against the Ekweremadus may likely be hinged on Sections 2- 5 of the Human Tissue Act 2004, which deal with consent.

The age of David is an issue. Because the aforementioned Act states in Section 54 that any person under 18 years is a child. Is David a child that his consent and that of his parent are required by law? Ekweremadu’s letter doesn’t state his age; but by deduction we can infer age.

In the said letter, Ekweremadu referred to David as “Mr Ukpo Nwamini David”. A child couldn’t have been referred to as Mister. If he’s 15 as the social media speculate, his “real age” will be deduced from the information on his age that he made available during visa interview

If he gave 15 years, the visa wouldn’t have been issued. So, if he’s 21 years as supporters of the Ekweremadus are making out, his consent is sufficient in law as he’s above 18 years as provided by the Act.

If he gave one age in Lagos and another in London, the Ekweremadus may have to establish as part of their defence that David misled them, with real criminal intent to land them in trouble.
G.O will be watching from the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine as the case develops.

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