“I will never watch out for anybody again”, Bolt driver vows

“I will never watch out for anybody again”, Bolt driver vows

A Bolt driver has revealed his experience while trying to watch out for a passenger in Lagos.

According to a tweet by Twitter user, @lollypeezle, tagged ‘What a Bolt driver sent to me… oju gba miti’ (means, I am shy while reading the message).

A screenshot from Twitter.


In the message, the Bolt driver narrates how he carried a young female passenger to Lekki, on getting there, the lady open up that she has never met the guy before and exchange her number for security purpose.

See details below…

In a related story, another bolt driver shared his experience.

“I carried two girls on bolt 2dys ago, not more than 18yrs of age. These girls were going to see a guy they’ve never met before. When we got to the destination, a very quite place at Ago palace, a rough looking guy in his 30’s came out.”

A screenshot from Twitter.

“B4 he got to d car, I quickly ask the girls should I drive off? Cus they were scared already, they told me No so I told them to have my num on speed dial in case anytin goes wrong so I’ll alert the police. The guy entered the car, paid their bills via transfer and they all left

“After they entered the house, I waited around for about 20mins before finally leaving. I called the girl in the night and she said they’ve left and gotten home safe. Nigerian girls and taking risks ehn. This is one of many stories like this we see in this job.”

Do you think the drivers should have mind their business and leave the girls to their fate? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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