I was depressed, nearly commit suicide at 23— Sally Suleiman

I was depressed, nearly commit suicide at 23— Sally Suleiman

Sally Suleiman has shared part of her life experience on Twitter following the trending topic “At 23” on the bird app.

The Humanitarian, Business Strategist, Media personality and Motivator revealed;

“At 22 i was frustrated because a lecturer wanted to have sex with me and no one could help me. Left the Uni and never went back. Started Uni abroad at 23 when my mates where doing NYSC, i was mostly depressed and suicidal. I finished, did NYSC, got a job and here i am today

“I had spent 5years in the Uni. My mates had started NYSC, some were working in good companies, I was there struggling to graduate. There was no one who could help me. The person that was supposed to help me was mocking me. I saw myself as a failure. I became depressed and left

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“I would cry everyday and wrote a suicide note

“When the opportunity came for me to start again, I grabbed it immediately. I was focused, I was determined. I didn’t fail before but I saw it as a failure, so I didn’t want to fail again. So I made sure that I must make myself proud

“It was a struggle abroad especially financially. A huge struggle. That story will be for another day. The day I finished, i cried. I was like God, finally? When I wore my graduation gown I was so happy

“There’s no giving up with me, if one doesn’t work, another will.”

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