How Officers of Adeniji police station allegedly ‘scoops’ two gold bracelets worth ₦500k in Lagos

How Officers of Adeniji police station allegedly ‘scoops’ two gold bracelets worth ₦500k in Lagos

An unidentified men’s of the Adeniji police station in Lagos state have allegedly stole two pieces of gold bracelets worth ₦500,000.

Akewusolaf Blog reports that one Otunba with thname on Twitter, @kamaldeyforyou via a thread on Saturday, stated that they were stopped and arrested by the officers on Friday night while heading to the club.

According to him, a sex toys were found on them, which, according to the police, were illegal.

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However, they were forced to pay the sum of fifty thousand naira (₦50,000) to the officers.

Upon their release, they discovered that two gold bracelets were missing from their belongings.

Read the thread below:

“My friends and i were on our way back from 17th avenue after dinner and we headed to the club, when we got stopped by some men in casual clothes, they claimed to be police officers, this was around 12:20am, we stopped and allowed them to do their thing, they then searched each and every one of us and later saw sex toys w the ladies that were with us, immediately we were put into handcuffs and taken to the their station immediately, i kept asking if sex toy was now illegal in Nigeria, when we got to the station they asked us to take off all our belongings, i still told them to allow me call my lawyer or a friend so they know where we were, they took my friends gold chains and bracelets, and took us inside the cell till around 4:40am, then they later came back and took us to a place and asked us to pay the sum of 150,000 and i asked again, please show me where it’s illegal to use sex toys. this officers went ahead to browse up a blog that said “police to arrest people w sex toys”

“At this point i was already frustrated because we were not allowed to call anyone, we begged them and they later told you(us) to pay the sum of N50,000.

“After paying, when we were released and our belongings were released back we couldn’t find 2 gold bracelets and we immediately told them our bracelets were missing, they then got furious and said “do you know it’s a crime to accuse a police officer” they slapped my friend and shouted at us to leave immediately if we didn’t want to go back to the cell.

“Please we just need our gold bracelets back because each piece cost about N500,000.

“Abeg, una don collect una 50,000 already, give us back our bracelet.

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