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Formed alliance to unites South-East —Aisha Yesufu urges IPOB, APGA

Formed alliance to unites South-East —Aisha Yesufu urges IPOB, APGA

Activist Aisha Yesufu has urged the Indigenous People of Biafra to form an alliance with the All Progressives Grand Alliance towards bringing the South-East together politically.

According to her on Twitter, IPOB and APGA should forged a structured to show the world how intelligentsia can impact leadrrdhip.

Yesufu said this following the November 6 governorship election in Anambra State which was won by APGA candidate, Professor Charles Soludo.


She said “Imagine if IPOB works with APGA to control the political power in the South East? Bring the best candidates to be nominated. Show the rest of us how people with competence, character and capacity in leadership positions can change a region. Use the power to negotiate at Federal level.

“An APGA/IPOB alliance can bring the South East together politically. Instead of IPOB wasting its goodwill on giving sit-at-home orders, they can make it ‘nominate and vote credible candidates’ order.”

She added that political power is everything without which one is treated anyhow like a pawn.

She said, “With that power, you can negotiate with any party wanting to win presidential elections and give the terms for your alliance. Any party interested in winning the region must be ready to meet your terms. That way, no party takes the region for granted.

“Everyone knows that South East is for PDP at the presidential level. It shouldn’t be so. South East should be for whichever party is ready to give South East the best deal!

“Use your political might to negotiate. Let PDP sweat for it too.”

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