Follower drags Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde on Twitter

Follower drags Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde on Twitter

Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde, has engaged in a heated exchange with a follower on Twitter.

The actress, who put out a tweet on her Twitter handle on the need to pay attention to the scripts that goes through production.

She wrote, “At the end of the day, if we’re being honest with ourselves… our writers need to be paid more and we need to pay more attention as well to the scripts that go through to production.”


The follower, who reply to her post, wrote: “Why should ordinary Nigerians bother to even watch Nigerian movies when the actors themselves prefer K-drama? Isn’t it that funny!” (sic)

The actress, who was obviously upset with his response, said “You have issues Mr Abodurin. Something is definitely wrong with you cause I don’t understand why someone will be pressed about me liking Korean series. Block me please, so I won’t tell you about myself.

“Cause what exactly is your problem? And you actually are not bright with this line of thinking. Mr Abodurin you just have to block me with your own hands or I will keep coming back to tell you you have issues outside of the fact that your thinking is very weird & flawed.

“So, because I’m a “Nollywood” actor, I can’t watch and enjoy “K drama”?? Are you not an agent of darkness sent to make me start the year on Instablog? Cause how exactly won’t I insult you ehn?” (sic)

The follower went on to reply her, saying, “I don’t understand why you are triggered Miss Jem. Professionalism is important in every field of work. No K-drama actor will ever say he/she likes Nollywood! Why? as industry players, our tweets mean a lot and given cheap popularity to a racist culture shouldn’t be condoned!

“Nobody said she can’t watch whatever she wants but tweeting about it is unacceptable as an industry player. Can you be working at Nigeria breweries and tweet about Hennessy? No wonder you people films are becoming atrocious cos you are not even watching it. Please be professional.” (sic)

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