Femi Branch warn entrepreneurs to be cautious with delivery

Femi Branch warn entrepreneurs to be cautious with delivery
Femi Branch urges entrepreneurs to be cautious with delivery

Nollywood actor, Femi Branch has admonished young entrepreneurs to avoid taking delivery of their services by themselves to avoid loss of lives and properties.

The talented actor took to his Instagram page to share his bit following the news of a young graduate who was kidnapped and killed while on job hunting.

According to Femi Branch, kidnappers now lure young people with job offers just to cut their lives short.

Here is what he said;

Please I want to use this avenue to ask our people to be very cautious, I’m talking especially to my people online who are selling to make an honest living that has to go to people’s homes to make home service or to make deliveries please avoid it.

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There are so many cases that we are hearing recently, people now use that avenue to kidnap, a lot of kidnap cases that hear this is how they get them.”

Continue reading what he said;

I know that oftentimes you want to maximize your profit by delivering yourself but please as much as you can avoid it.

Avoid making deliveries yourself, especially young ladies out there.”

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