Elon Musk berate ‘far left’, Twitter reacts

Elon Musk berate ‘far left’, Twitter reacts

The richest person in the world, Elon Musk has berated the ‘far left’ and hit at ‘far right’.

Musk has come under heavy criticism in recent days following is propose take-over of micro blogging platform, Twitter.

According to him, he has made it clear that his top priority after taking over the bird app will be free speech.


“The far left hates everyone, themselves included!” Musk said

“But I’m no fan of the far right either.

Let’s have less hate and more love.”

Reacting to his tweet, Twitter users wrote;

Mehdi Hasan… “Less hate requires content moderation. It just does.”

Liz Wheeler… “The difference between the far left and the far right is the far left controls the Democratic Party & their policies, while the far right is a fringe minority with no influence relegated to weirdo forums on obscure web boards.”

Zhan Heqing… “The most important thing is solidarity and cooperation so as to build a community with a shared future for the whole human beings.”

Lance Ulanoff… “Let’s have less labeling. Labeling is an easy way of shoving people into boxes where they usually don’t belong. There is no way to understand anyone if you only see them as a label.”

Diedrich Bader… “Awww!
You turned that around and made it a positive message like a good boy!”

Lavarn Spicer… “Me neither. You’re just an African-American dude trying to live your life. Enjoy, brother!”

Austin Petersen… “Serious question: How do you define the far right? What are its characteristics? Do you think that the “New Right” as they are known would constitute that? How do you feel about right wing libertarians?”

David Rothschild… “On Point 1: Dude spent the last 48 hour stanning on white supremacists, mocking center-left.

On Point 2: Less hate and more love would involve content moderation, which bro claims to oppose. Again, I am all for vigorous political debate from all sides (that is why I am here!), and that is not what content moderation is all about. As a Jew on Twitter opposing the right, I get a lot of antisemitic hatred, and Twitter will suck if that is all I see. [email protected] wants you to think that stopping content moderation will allow far-right to introduce new, meaningful policy debate, but what it will really do is ensure that every time I open this platform all I will see is my picture photoshopped on bodies in gas chambers. It is *super hard* to get a platform to facilitate open debate, but not get flooded with awful things that make it unbearable.”

Darnae… “I was in the middle, but now I seem further to the right. My ideology didn’t change, the left went very left.”

Nicole P… “Please don’t let the guy who inspires pure hate back on Twitter.”

Willpenn… “Far right nowadays are people claiming we need nations and secure borders”

Anjoor Maniar… “Yes brother agreed! World has moved to either far left or far right. Either it’s woke culture or rebuke culture.”

Andria Barra… “The right and left are designed to entertain the bottom while the top gets ahead.”

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