Doctor says I have just 5 years to live— Actress, Kemi Afolabi opens up

Doctor says I have just 5 years to live— Actress, Kemi Afolabi opens up

Kemi Afolabi, a Nollywood actress, has said her doctor told her that she has just five years to live.

The actress revealed this in a recent interview with show host, Chude Jideonwo, published on Friday.

Afolabi confirmed that she was diagnosed with lupus – which is incurable.


According to her, she had lived just one year after the doctor’s pronouncement, as she tearfully noted that she didn’t know how much she had left.

Afolabi quoted her doctor as saying, “Make sure you are with your loved ones. At least, you still have up to five years.”

“I have lupus. It’s not curable. You just have to take medications for the rest of your life.”

She noted that she paid N1.2m on a treatment yet it did not work as she continually cried in pain.

The actress had earlier revealed that she has prepared for death.

She detailed that she wrote her Will and booked a space with a funeral ground after her diagnosis.

Afolabi, speaking on the state of her health in January 2022, said : “I wrote my will and booked a space with ebony vault this year 2021 but God showed me how faithful he is despite my unfaithfulness.

“Who am I that God is so mindful of my existence? Me ordinary sand? That was tossed around from my private hospital to LASUTH, to Army barracks hospital WAEC and finally, LUTH where I spent over three months!

“I did COVID-19 test every 48hrs at LASUTH emergency because I was short of breath, was on oxygen for about a month, still no diagnosis after several tests conducted.

“Only a mad man says there is no God. I sold my properties after spending all my savings because I knew the thoughts of bringing my condition to the public eye or beg for funds at the time will kill me faster!

“Finally, I was diagnosed of a condition that has no cure but can be managed by medications and takes me in and out of the hospital at will (SLE).

“Fluid blocked my lungs, affected my heart from functioning well which was the reason for my breathlessness and that is caused by the condition diagnosed! Surgery was the only option to drain out the fluid fast.

“My life has changed forever but I am thankful, I am still breathing.

“Being in an industry that places high value on appearance, it’s been a struggle taking medications that helps ease the pains but affect my weight and people will constantly remind you of how FAT you’ve become without hesitations.

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