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Chrisland: That’s not a [email protected] case, we’re dealing with fails parenting- Twitter reacts

Chrisland: That’s not a r@pe case, we’re dealing with fails parenting- Twitter reacts

Following the viral videos of Chrisland students that involve a 10-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy, having a sexual intercourse while the school is away on vacation to Dubai, Nigerian on Twitter NG have playdown the possibility of a rape case.

Report says the incident occured during a ‘Truth or Dare’ game.

Recall that music executive, Ubi Franklin was the first to raise an alarm on social media and tagged it as a rape case.


However, netizens have described the whole scenario as a kid pornography.

According to comment seen online, some netizens opined that the little girl’s parents have failed her while also blamed Chrisland school for negligence and an attempt to coveredup

See some of the comment below:

@drpengking… “If you’ve seen the video of the Chrisland school students, you will realize that we are not dealing with rape as Ubi Franklin opined, rather we dealing with failed parenting . The girl is 11 and the boy is 13. They are both underaged. We are dealing with failed parenting!”

@QueenMoye09… “It was definitely NOT a rape. Those kids knew what they were doing and that girl did not even care that they were being recorded.”

@Chef_Djclems… “Firstly, I thought 10yrs old girl was supposed to be a virgin? Abi dem change the calendar? Secondly, that wasn’t her first time.. I mean imagine her doing reverse cowgirl and lastly, she’s the one spoiling those other kids..”

@sedoo_lee… “Funny enough,she was on top with 100% concentration on the act.”

@Chiderapaul15… “This is not rape. I don’t blame ubi Franklin, we for allow timaya beat am again.”

@Gigiiibee… “I saw it and she looked like an amateur in it 🥺
It was not rape at all
It wasn’t
She was literally smiling and that yellow girl in it

@Yetunde30287177… “Like how can a 10year old girl be that skillful… Her parents failed woefully.”

@mr_richmondd… “Not rape.. the girl seem like she knew what she was doing, the boy not so much.
It’s just failed parenting plain and simple.
The fault of the school is trying to hide it just to save their name.”

@olamide05… “Oba it’s not rape and nobody will watch that video and say it’s rape they have been doing this and not one time and second time.”

@oficialdjfsmart… “The video says it all..It isn’t a Rape case in anyway..The girl was joyfully riding the guy. This is a mess to both parents,they fucked up.
My issue now is why the school would expel other students there,it’s clear they were ashamed of the act too,but the girl was enjoying it.”

See the video below and judge for yourself…

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