Boeing 737 with 132 passengers crashes in China — (video)

Boeing 737 with 132 passengers crashes in China — (video)

A Chinese Boeing 737-800 with 132 passengers onboard has reportedly crashed in the southern province of Guangxi, China.

According to Reuters, the aircraft crashed in moutains in southern China on a domestic flight on Monday.

The jetliner is reportedly heading to Guangzhou from Kunming before the sad incident.


While confirming the incident, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), said 132 people, including nine crew and 123 passengers were onboard.

The CAAC said the aircraft lost contact over the city of Wuzhou.

“Emergency mechanism has been activated, and a working group has been dispatched to the scene,” the statement reads.

No information about any survival as the time of filing this report.

Watch the video HERE.

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