Blackmail: How slay queen end-up in Prison

Blackmail: How slay queen end-up in Prison

The story of how a slay queen ended up in Prison.

It was reported that the lady met a man on Facebook. They chatted and agreed to meet in a hotel.

They eventually met, have fun and she was paid.

Meanwhile, our slay queen video what went down, unknown to the man.

She then used the video to blackmail him asking for N15 million of which the man refused. She then spread the video on Facebook.

He reported to the DSS, they arrested and charged her to court.

Akewusolafblog learnt her bail alone is N5 million, plus landed property.

This happened in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. She has been taken to the Okaka Prison.

Dear Friends, if they blackmail you, send them to jail. PERIOD.

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