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Basic between Telegram and WhatsApp |   Info Tech

Telegram and WhatsApp are two popular cross-platform messaging apps that have been designed for instant messaging whilst promising to respect privacy, a desirable and necessary trait in this day and age.

WhatsApp and Telegram may at first appear similar, there are some important differences between the platforms that are worth knowing about.

Check for the differences and similarity below…


Group chats

WhatsApp for instance, by opening the app, selecting More Options and starting a New Group, users have full rein of inviting a range of contacts of up to 256 members into a private group chat where they can communicate freely and instantly with one another. The creator of the group is regarded as an admin, responsible for admitting or rejecting members of the group.

On the other hand, as a cloud-based messaging app, Telegram also has the ability to connect its users via group chats. However, the app has gone that one step further and presented a platform that cultivates mass-communication on a grand scale with group chats of up to 200,000 members.

Last time seen and online status

WhatsApp’s online status allows users to see the last time someone within their contact list was active on the platform and whether they are currently using the app.

Important to note: online status does not signify that a contact has read your messages (usually indicated by two blue ticks). It simply shows that they are active on the messaging platform. WhatsApp does allow users to hide their online status from everyone through the app’s settings for both iPhone and Android devices.

Telegram also measures a user’s online status by default, based on their activity within the app. This platform also provides users with the ability to hide their online status from their contacts for Android, iPhone and laptop devices.

Managing folders

WhatsApp’s latest update now allows users to store private folders within the app for the following:

• WhatsApp images

• WhatsApp videos

• WhatsApp animated GIFs

• WhatsApp audio

• WhatsApp documents

This new feature is an additional encryption tool available within the app, allowing users to hide media such as images, videos, GIFs, audio files and documents downloaded specifically from their WhatsApp chats. As opposed to being visible within the phone’s gallery, the files are hidden by a ‘.nomedia’ file that is only accessible by manually changing the File Manager’s Settings within your phone.

Telegram is its ability to sort and organise conversations into different sub-sections and folders. As active users may be part of a variety of group chats, this feature allows them to stay abreast of their messaging notifications without needing to archive them. They can simply navigate to the three-dot menu on their Telegram chats and select Add Folder to begin the compiling process.

Author: Olaitan Balogun

e-mail: [email protected]

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