APC’s presidential speech: Buhari is healthier than Tinubu; Nigerian reacts

APC’s presidential speech: Buhari is healthier than Tinubu; Nigerian reacts

Following the All Progressives Congress APC presidential speech held yesterday at the Eagle square, Nigerians have been reacting to the aspirants performance as delegates votes is currently being sorts.

Read comments from Nigerians below:

Charles Ikenna… “Truth be told…Buhari is even healthier than Jagaban.”

Chychy Chukwu… “Jagaban will get healthier if he becomes president.
That sort of money changes their age and health. You can replace an entire body.
You should’ve known by now from Buhari.”

Nicolas… “Lol. I see we are cracking jokes now. So Tinubu is poor?”

Ceecee… “Do you think Tinubu in his wealth has money more than Nigeria?”

Detty_Boy… “And do you think the national budget is Tinubu’s medical funds?”

Nicolas… “Lol, you can imagine.
So with all the money Tinubu has and still keeps getting from Lagos, he can’t rejuvenate his health. It’s the National Treasury that will do the magic?

Detty_Boy… ”It’s only in Nigerian politics health and age are ignored. It is mind blowing.”

Fisayo Soyombo… “How can any delegate listen to Yemi Osinbajo and Bola Tinubu tonight, and still go ahead to pick Tinubu?Politics aside, head to head, Tinubu shouldn’t be winning any competency contest against Osinbajo. But this is politics. And, on top of it, this is Nigeria!”

Okonkwo elonchukwu… “Bola Ahmed Tinubu was called to deliver his speech. He was helped to mount the podium.He read his speech while his hands was jittering.In a sane country, this man should be in an elderly care home and not contesting a Presidential election.”

Victor Israel… “Bola Ahmed Tinubu isn’t physically fit to head a complicated state like Nigeria. Man be By all over like a faulty blender. Go take care of your health sir.”

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