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2023: PDP youths push for Atiku Abubakar’s victory

2023: PDP youths push for Atiku Abubakar’s victory

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) group, under the aegis of Victory Advocates of Nigeria (VAN), have put modality in place to ensure that the presidential candidate of the party, Atiku Abubakar wins the 2023 election.

The group, which lauches “Operation Bring Back PDP,” urged the party leadership to manage its internal crisis devoid of partisanship and shelve selfish and ulterior motives.

Speaking at the national submit and team inauguration, the National President of the group, Prince Seyi Ajibola, said that for the party to achieve victory in 2023, all hands must as of necessity be on the deck.

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Suggesting the way forward for the party to achieve victory, Ajibola said, “If we believe in ourselves as a party where we develop diligence and commitment and resolve never to quit, we’ll be a winner.

“The price of victory may be high, but so are the rewards. We must manage our internal crisis devoid of partisanship and shelve selfish and ulterior motives. It’s easier said than done though, ‘Operation Bring Back PDP’ is a collective assignment; no single individual can claim monopoly of power or structure in winning or attaining victory.

“No matter the number of times we have failed, we must be determined to succeed; we must not lose hope. As a party, we must face the storm and rescue Nigeria together. We must not give up so easily. We need to realize that our hopelessness exists only in thought, not in reality.

“For our society to strive under a new Nigeria, we propose that our leaders, the unifier team, should look in our direction and consider the following roles we are capable of playing, given the necessary recognition and opportunity”

He also suggested that “the youths, being the most active segment of the population are blessed with creativity and can positively deploy this towards rebuilding and revamping the party and the nation, if encouraged.

“Development planning can be conceptualised and executed in partnership with the youth when they are guided. The destiny of our nation can be positively affected and changed with youths as change agents.”

The group further suggested that “towards a new and virile Nigeria, it is essential to train the youths.”

He pointed out the three fundamental components of choosing the destiny of a country, which include acceptable education, adequate employment, and strengthening, adding, “the youths should be carried along in achieving these.

“Involvement of youths in all aspects of governance is essential. Youths ought to be allowed to be progressively vocal about the issues in the public arena by shaping gatherings and challenging the organizations, and featuring same in the media space.

“For a dynamic change, youths need the right to contribute freely to discourses, expression, articulation, and thoughts. The future and the current state of the country are in the hands of the youths.

“Hence, the role of youths in the nation building is very crucial. We are problem solvers and we have tremendous influence on other young people.”

Pledging their commitment to ensure the victory of Atiku in the 2023 presidential election, Ajibola said, “in the journey ahead, we shall work together with all sections of the society to ensure that our party’s presidential candidate, Alhaji ATIKU ABUBAKAR and other PDP candidates win the coming general elections and bring about a positive change in the country.”

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