2023: Man lists 5 reasons why he will NEVER vote Peter Obi

2023: Man lists 5 reasons why he will NEVER vote Peter Obi
  1. I am a Yoruba man. I will rather vote Yoruba than Igbo
  2. Tinubu fixed Lagos
  3. Peter Obi is IPOB
  4. Peter Obi cannot win
  5. Peter Obi’s supporters are toxic and abusive.

Let me explain. A little bit of a long Thread.

  1. I am a Yoruba man. I will rather vote a Yoruba man than an Igbo man.

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Except that I lived along Lagos-Abeokuta expressway when Obasanjo was president, and he lived in Ota, along the same road, and it was amongst the worst in the country despite my neighbor being president and the road remains so till today despite Lagos/FG alignment, which was the reason given then. Tribal politics has never benefited any tribe in Nigeria. The north remains the poorest despite having the most presidents, Bayelsa remains poor with development issues despite GEJ.

  1. Tinubu fixed Lagos. Increased IGR

Infact Tinubu paid for my WAEC in 2002. I thank him for that. I thank him. But there is more to my son’s future than Lagos’ revenue and WAEC. Lagos is not fixed, it is infact an epitome of Nigeria’s political corruption, underdevelopment and vested interest-driven rot – in transport system through NURTW, in corruption by public officers, wasteful spending, collapse of infrastructure and delays of infrastructural projects despite huge revenue potential, high handedness of security officials, etc.


I do not believe Tinubu will cause a paradigm shift in governance in Nigeria, because clearly, governance in Lagos has even come to represent the very worst of Nigerian governance – cronyism, favoritism, extortion, bribery, violence, rigging, crude godfatherism, profligacy, etc

So where will a man who has enabled this for over 20yrs suddenly get the change we need from? The contest is not between Tinubu as governor vs Peter Obi as governor. It is between Tinubu as a political shark and enabler of profligate governance vs. Reform-minded minimalism of PO.

Peter Obi is IPOB. Atiku will unify Nigeria.

Except that Atiku has NEVER called out herdsmen attack on other tribes because of his cultural linkage, never called out banditry will his full chest, never called out religious killings in the north – infact deleted a tweet on his behalf condemning the killing of Deborah. Never condemned terrorism-linked Minister Pantami, and shown consistently that he is a closet Buharist waiting to launch his tribal &religious bias once he reaches Aso rock. But its Obi who has repeatedly denied IPOB that is the problem.

  1. Peter Obi cannot win. Labour Party has no structure

Many of us have since agreed that real structural change in Nigeria cannot come from the two dominant parties – the only way to achieve this is for a people-backed candidate to win. This is the closest we have being to this.

Else, others will be more sympathetic to their badly corrupt political structures. Tinubu and Atiku are amongst the biggest gladiators of that corrupt political structure. LP and Obi have built a momentum that is reverberating across the world. It can happen and it is happening.

  1. Peter Obi’s supporters are toxic and abusive. I can never align with such bullies.

Well, all thanks to Buharists who introduced this approach in 2015, and to be fair, it worked for ousting GEJ and built momentum for Buhari globally.

That GMB ended up a complete calamity isn’t because of that support, but because he was never a good candidate. Peter Obi is by all parameters better than Buhari. The anger is even more justified now because the rot has further deepened. Nigerians are dying like chickens.

You can’t expect a dying man to be smiling at you for supporting his killers. APC ruined Nigeria in the past 7.5years. Tinubu endorsed the ruin and his boys benefitted from it. If that same level of venom is required to achieve the 2015 effect, then sorry, but I’m not sorry.

“These are the reasons why I won’t vote Peter Obi”. I won’t vote him alone. I will vote him with my family, friends and all associates I can rally.

Will you?

Ayo Bankole Akintujoye

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