2023: I have key to unlocking Nigeria’s prosperity, Ogbonnaya Onu

2023: I have key to unlocking Nigeria’s prosperity, Ogbonnaya Onu

Ogbonnaya Onu, an All Progressives Congress presidential aspirant, says Nigeria can no longer rely on other nations to solve its problems, pledging to create an economy driven by science, technology and innovation if elected president.

“We are better equipped to solve our problems ourselves. This is the road that science, technology and innovation will make possible for us to take.

“We have the key to unlock the prosperity of our dear nation. This key is knowledge economy driven by science, technology and innovation,” he said.


Mr Onu, a former Minister of Science and Technology, said this while addressing Edo delegates on Wednesday in Benin.

Represented by Saliu Momoh, the Edo coordinator of his campaign group, Mr Onu said the development of every nation borders on the deployment of science and technology.

“I am convinced that I have the knowledge, experience, credibility, vision, integrity and education, having been trained in the best universities,” he added.

Mr Onu also called on Nigerians, particularly the youths, not to lose hope about the country’s future, adding that Nigeria had a bright future.

“We must emphasise those things that unite us more than those that divide us. We must, as a nation, start thinking big, because we are big,” Mr Onu added.

He appealed to the delegates to vote for him as the APC presidential candidate during the party’s convention in Abuja.


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